"Make Asterisk talk your native language" is the goal for the project "Asterisk-3166".
The project aim's to be a central repository for voice prompts and patches for Asterisk. 
It will also provide voice prompt installation scripts/packages to simplify the process with adding voice prompts. 
We are seeking volunteers and contributions to the project.

Where is the 3166 from ?
ISO 3166 is the standard for country short names.

What is a country short name ?
The country short name is the part in for example URL's that is country specific, example, 
se = Sweden
uk = United Kingdom
tw = Taiwan
com = Is not a country short name.

Where is the country short name used ?
The country short name is used to define country specific functions in Asterisk where the language spoken is one of them, ringe tone another and so on.

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